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Is there anything a natural 20 can’t do?

This is a poster idea I developed to show off the amazingness of tabletop rpgs.

i think it’s for that video of the dub and that really hilarious “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh”


Man, I feel so dumb for not realizing this.


I got this ask two days ago what the heck


Hey folks, apparently 4Chan will be ‘invading’ tumblr as countermeasure against feminists swamping their site tomorrow. Apparently will involve hardcore porn, gore, etc., in the feminist tag. Dunno how bad or extensive it’ll be, but best be on the watch.



well i finally finished my masterpiece just in time for the second season of free! and in time for Anime Expo (i’ll be at booth L33), so let’s all pray that i wake up early enough in the morning to make it to print this masterpiece

i’m a professional artist

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everyone made fun of dreamworks. it hid in the shadows. it learned. it became aware. now it is strong and threatening and making films w ridiculously high quality animation and unique plots while disney is still jacking off to a movie it released almost a year ago.

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i’m made of sarcasm and sexual frustration

That Ribbon reaction image is still my favorite ngl.

when your neighbors won’t stop setting off fireworks every night


when ur thirsty for fic but you have quite fucking literally read every single quality fanfiction for the pairing


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for people who are curious or doubtful on the whole situation with skyler page here’s testimonies from someone who works on adventure time and someone who works on regular show. so yeah the whole thing is 100% true.

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So it turns out that even if I say no, if a company doesn’t like my answer, they’ll do it anyway. A big “fuck you” to poprageous, who I contacted last year, received a reply that essentially said “no I won’t pay you,” and then did it anyway 12 months later (I suppose she hoped I would forget about her?).

Before I replied to her first scummy email where she only says that she’d send me a FREE PAIR (oh WOW), I made a blog post

I had recently undergone other companies trying to do the same thing and her email reply to me was just nothing short of incredibly shitty. After seeing my post (which didn’t mention her company or anything) she thought it would be a good idea to send me an email trying to make ME feel bad that I didn’t just ASK for money for using my artwork. That it was on ME to ask about royalties, not about her fucking company to actually fairly pay artists or anything.

"I saw your post - what do u want to get paid? Let’s work out a royalty.  jeeeez all u had to do was ask."

Like seriously?

All I had to do was ask? That’s pretty hilarious, considering she asked, I said no, and she went ahead with it anyway.

Regardless, this is shit. Companies shouldn’t act like this. People using creator’s works just because they exist and feel like they should be able to is just absolutely bullshit.

The most appalling thing about this is seriously the fact that I said no and she did it anyway. I said no and she did it anyway.

This is how little most companies respect and regard artists. Thanks a lot, Cher Park.

Feel free to let her know that it’s not acceptable to pull this bullshit with her company email, cher@poprageous.com - please don’t be rude or anything, but this is definitely not okay and she needs to not do this to other artists in the future.

Oh yes, let me not forgot to mention: she has no trace of credit on the image, this time. She posted an instagram earlier a year ago with credit to my name, but it seems she’d rather remove it so that I not find out, I guess.

Good job, Cher Park.

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